Design, develop and construct a packaging for a product.

Luna is a company where we integrate the two worlds of a consumable product and lighting and merge them together. Łuna is a special project where we incorporate the uses of different parts of life into one.

Recycling the bottle and designing them to fit the needs of the consumer and of the planet. We plan to reengineer the industry of lighting and home decor. With this light system, it is universal to fit in any supplied bottle. Once the beverage in the bottle has been consumed and any moister removed; bore a hole into the lid or cap of the bottle. (Attention, be cautious about cutting or boring though metal material. Small bits of metal or thick plastic can be dangerous and can cut into skin). Attach the USB LED light to the USB 3.0 cord. Proceed and place the USB LED in the slot made and twist the cap or lid on bottle tightly. Attach the end of the USB cord to the wall adapter and plug into any available wall socket.


Design a packaging that uses no adhesives to secure it. Intend the packaging to be green, decomposable and recyclable. Research materials that can benefit the packaging and can be printed and designed for. Create a universal design theme that can be used for both the product and the packaging.


The initial foundation of the design started in creating boxes in Cinema4D. This application is meant to model and design 3D objects for purposes of animation. With many iterations of designed boxes, the final aesthetic came to a geometrical and crystal like form. This would wrap the bottle and secure it from damage but also hold the contents of the second life.

Experimenting with plastics and papers through vigorous amounts of cuts folds and scores; the material that stood out from the rest was boxboard materials. The folds and scores held and it was able to be printed on, screen printed on and laser etched. This was beneficial to many different types of styles and looks.