Twitch Animated

Create an animated series on Youtube. Featuring popular Live streamers on Twitch.

Twitch is one of the largest gaming centered communities online. Within the ecosystem, you can find multiple streamers ranging from political, musically talented, game developers and surprisingly enough; gamers.

With this series I set out to create an animated show that revolves around popular streamers that create comedic content. These videos are just highlighted parts of the broadcasters stream.

I designed the body and limbs in Adobe Illustrator and exported them through a plug-in called Overlord. The way I animated the facial elements were through Joysticks and Sliders.

PaymoneyWubby a very interesting online persona on Twitch creates Twitch streams like no other. He ranges from opening cards on stream to big game show giveaways. He wears a greenscreen suit so that he is floating around on his broadcasts.



The second in the series was from another well known streamer named Pokelawls. He is a short but charismatic person. He is musically talented yet he still creates pleasing streams to watch. In Pokelawls community he is often visualized as frog which is a small detail I wanted to bring to light at the end of the video.