A online identity/brand a broadening and open community that revolves around video games have evolved into something new. Streaming is now becoming an active term for broadcasting oneself to an online audience and creating online content for others to enjoy.

Kevbot is an online persona that has been built around the audience of tinkerers and hobbyists. From the conception of the brand, it was generalized as a normal video game centric brand. Developing over the years, it has evolved into something new and something audiences can relate to and admire.  Most Tiwitch communities are bonded by the same interest/s that they can all agree to enjoy i.e. Cosplay, Painting, Engineering, Politics, Movies, etc. Kevbot has been remolded into a more wholesome and hobby loving community. Challenging each other in the community to create and appreciate other people’s effort and dedication. Kevbot has branched out now into other online mediums and content. Such it being a youtube channel, a twitter profile and an online store.

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